It's easy to apply styles and change the appearance of assets through the styles panel, both on texts and other assets but also on the banner's canvas itself.

Asset properties


  • Lets you specify which text the element should use. This only available for texts. Learn more.

Position & Size

  • The exact position and size of the selected element displayed in pixels. Applicable rotation is available through here as well. Learn more.

Asset styles

There are 2 different types of styles that can be applied. If you click Add style you will see the division between the two types of styles. (you can read more about the styles and what they do in the article named "Style"):

Text styles

  • Font
  • Text size
  • Text color
  • Text shadow
  • Thickness
  • Max rows
  • Line height
  • Letter spacing
  • Text align
  • Padding
  • Letter case
  • Italic
  • Vertical align
  • Text resize
  • Text skew

Those are only applicable on text assets.
 Decoration styles

  • Opacity
  • Background color
  • Border
  • Shadow
  • Linear gradient
  • Radial gradient
  • Background size
  • Background repeat
  • Background position
  • Rounded corners
  • Mouse interaction
  • Visibilty

Can be applied to any asset.

All styles can also be applied on to different mouse events/states.

The mouse states available are:


  • The default style that the element always will have


  • The styles that will be applied to the specific element if the mouse is hovered over it.


  • The styles that will be applied to the specific element if the element is being clicked.

Keep in mind that default styles will always be applied unless overridden.

Banner properties

When no element is selected the banner and fallback image styles will be visible.



  • Sets a name on your banner. This may be useful if you have need to have some kind of special banner in your banner set.


  • The currently chosen size of your banner. Is changeable up until you save the banner for the first time.


  • The color which the canvas will have.
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