Fonts are easy to work with in Bannerflow, you can easily upload your own, custom fonts, or choose from a wide variety of open source fonts from Google Fonts.

To browse to and manage your fonts, either click File -> Manage fonts in the banner builder menu.

This is where you manage all your fonts. The fonts that are marked with a green/white checkbox are already added to your brand.

Font types

There are three separate tabs available, Custom font, Device fonts and Google fonts.

Custom font

Using custom fonts lets you upload your own fonts from your computer, either drag and drop the fonts on Upload font file(s) or click and browse for them.

If you plan to use a whole font family e.g several different types of Lato(Thin, Regular, Bold, Bold oblique) then it's possible to add them all at the same time and they'll be stored as a whole family and not as separate fonts.

Font settings

  • Font name. The name that the font family will have in the banner builder.
  • Baseline offset. Creates an offset on the text.
  • Force uppercase. Forces the text to be uppercase when the font is used.
  • Weight. The weight that will be predefined for the specific font. If e.g Lato Light is uploaded, then Light is preferred to be chosen.
  • Style. The style that will be predefined for the specific font. Normal or Italic.

Device fonts

Device fonts are fonts that are by default installed on all devices hence making them easy to load and very light-weighted in terms of file-size.

Google fonts

Google fonts are fonts gathered from the open source Google font database and are all free to use.

Uploading fonts

Before uploading a new font or if you suspect your font might be broken, please consider running your font through Font Squirrel, as described by the text on the upload font page. Please use these settings when optimizing your font to ensure optimal performance on all web browsers and operating systems. 

When Done you can download your Font collection from Font Squirrel and upload the .woff files to Bannerflow.

Upon clicking Upload font, a new page will appear which is where you upload your custom fonts.

After you have chosen the fonts you wish to upload, ensure that the correct weight and style is applied to each font. 

Localized fonts:
If you want to have a special font for individual localisations you can add those using the icon underneath the individual font files.

Upload your desired font then select what localisation it should apply for.

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