The banner builder has like any other software a menu that is always accessible.

The menu consists of the following options and actions:

Menu options聽

File 馃搧

  • Save. Simply saves the banner.
  • History. Revisions based on saves and exit. This is saved locally on your computer for the current session.
  • Manage fonts. Opens the font manager where you can upload and add more fonts to your account. Read more here.
  • Marketplace. Browse, purchase and add widgets for your account.
  • Exit. Exits the banner builder.

Edit 鉁忥笍

  • Undo. Lets you undo the last 20 things you did in the banner builder.
  • Copy. Copies the selected element(s).
  • Copy special. Allows you to copy the element's style and position.
  • Paste. Pastes the elements you previously copied.
  • Paste special. Allows you to paste the element's style and position you previously copied.
  • Select all. Selects all elements on the scene.
  • Deselect all. Deselects all selected elements.
  • Delete. Deletes the selected element(s)

Object 鈿斤笍

  • Align. Aligns the selected element(s) to the canvas accordingly, vertically or/and horizontally.
  • Distribute
  • Rotate. Rotates the selected element(s) with fixed values(Left/Right = 45掳, Upside down = 90掳)
  • Fill to stage. Fills the selected element(s) to the canvas's max width and height. If a text is selected, it will open the text editor.
  • Lock. Locks the selected element(s), making it/them uneditable.
  • Unlock. Unlocks the selected element(s), making it/them editable.
  • Library. Creates or updates an asset based on the selected element. Only works when only one element is selected.

View 馃憮

  • Show outlines. Shows the outline of all elements.
  • Show overflow. Shows the parts of elements that are overflowing and outside the canvas.
  • Show rules. Enables the rulers which can be used as guidelines.
  • Snap. Make the elements snap to the canvas, the grid and/or the rulers.
    路 Off. Displays no grid.
    路 10px. Displays a grid with 10px margin.
    路 20px. Displays a grid with 20px margin.
    路 50px. Displays a grid with 50px margin.
    路 100px. Displays a grid with 100px margin.
    路 Color. Select which color the Grid should be.

Settings 鈿欙笍

  • Default Animation. This setting allows you to set a default animation that will be applied to all assets you add to your banner. The setting is saved on your computer which mean that it will be retained even if you go and work in another banner or another banner set. You can set it to none, which means no effect or to object default, which means that the object's default animation will be used. Or set it to any of your transition effects.
  • Set how many loops the banners should be by default. This setting applies when a new banner is created.
  • Optimize image. Specify whether BannerFlow should try optimize the images you upload or not.
  • Optimize fonts. Specify whether your font(s) should be subesetted to only include the characters you use in the banner. This is highly recommended to have on.
  • Default scaling. Set how element layers should scale when the timeline length is adjusted.

Fallback image 馃寗

  • Image type. The image type the fall back image will be of. It can be GIF, JPG or PNG.
  • Quality. The image's quality. Lower quality will result in a lighter (in file-size) image on the cost of it's quality.
  • Play GIF-animation. This option is only available if GIF is selected as image type. You can se the amount of loops the fallback image will have.
  • Include feed data. Specify how many loops of feed data that the fallback image should include.

Help 馃

  • Getting started. Opens up the introduction video.
  • Knowledge base. Opens the knowledge base where you can search for different guides and tutorials like this one.
  • Chat with us. Chat with our support team.
  • Video tutorials. Takes you to the section in the support center where you can find video guides.
  • Hotkeys. Takes you to the guide int he support center where you can learn different keyboard short cuts and other smart functions.

Save and exit 馃捑 聽

  • Saves the banner then exits the banner builder.
  • Save. Saves the banner, nothing else. (drop down)
  • Exit without saving. Exits the banner builder without saving. (drop down)
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