Media Library

The Media Library is where all your uploaded images are listed. The library also contains your default and predefined assets; texts, buttons, gradients and widgets.

If you uploaded a logo for your brand in the brand settings then it would be added to your Media Library automatically. 

Uploading image assets

Images can easily be added by clicking on Upload and browse the file system or by dragging and dropping the file/files directly into the green area as shown below.

Image types that are eligible to be uploaded are the following:

  • SVG
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • GIF

👉  Please note: The maximum resolution of images that you can upload is 4000x4000 pixels.

SVG is most often a preferred image type when possible as it maintain the quality even when the image is scaled and it is usually small in file-size as well which makes it great for HTML5 banners.

All uploaded images except for SVG are however automatically resized to multiple sizes and compressed/optimised so file size should get reduced. Image compression and optimizations is optional. Read more in the next paragraph.  

Image optimization

You may decide whether or not we should compress the images you upload for you. The option can be enabled/disabled in the top menu and is found under Settings.

When "Optimize image" is enabled:

  • PNG with transparency are optimized with 8-bit color
  • PNG without transparency is converted to JPG and compressed with 50% JPG Quality
  • JPG is compressed with quality 50 (even original pixel size)
  • During save/preview if there are images to that may be cropped, the image is cropped and optimized. JPGs are saved with 50% JPG Quality

 When "Optimize Image" is disabled:

  • PNG with transparency saved with original color
  • PNG without transparency converted to Jpeg and compressed with Jpeg quality 75
  • During Upload JPEG is compressed with quality 75 (preliminary resized images only)
  • During save/preview is there are images to be croped - we crop them. JPGs are saved with 75% JPG quality. PNG is not optimized, original color is preserved

Uploading video assets

It's not possible to upload video to the Media library in the banner builder. It is however possible to use videos in banners through widgets. You can read more about video here.  

Editing assets

Each asset has preferences that can be set specifically to respective asset.

To open the asset preference, hover your mouse over the specific asset you wish to change preferences on and click on the wrench that appears.

The preferences are:


  • This defines which name it will have once placed on the stage.
  • The name is displayed in the styles panel as well in the timeline on the asset's timeline object(this applies on everything except for texts).

Description: You can enter e description that describes the image.
 Tags: Tag the images with different tags to easier find the image in the future.

  • Not marked: This means that the asset (text, button, gradient or image) is only available in this banner set. When you upload or add a new asset it is by default set to that banner set
  • Marked: When it's set to shared it means that the asset is shared globally and available in the editor (banner builder) in all banner sets within a singular brand.

👉  Please note: If you replace a shared image it will replace all of the pictures used across all banner sets within your brand. Also note that you need to save the asset after you have made any changes within the settings.

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