Pre-setting the media library will allow you to work in the Banner Builder in the most efficient way. You can pre-set texts, buttons, gradients and backgrounds. 

  1. Start by dragging any asset from the media library onto the canvas. Make sure it's marked, like the text element in the image blow. Now use the style panel to add all the necessary styles to the text. In this case we have specified, the font, thickness, text size, color and line height

2. When the text is ready, right click the text and then click Library -> Save as new text. This will save the text with it's styling and animations to the media library. 

3. Your saved text will be in the top in the media library. Hover it and click the green edit button. 

4. Name your new text so that your colleagues will understand how to use it. And don't forget to tick the checkbox Shared, to allow the text template to be used everywhere. Then click Save.

5. Done! You can now find your text in the media library. Note the globe icon in front of the name. That means the asset is Shares. 

👉  Note: This can be done for any type of asset. Image, texts, buttons and gradients!

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