All uploaded image assets can easily be replaced for a different image. This may be useful if you have a background or product picture that you want to update in all banners. Replacing a non shared image will affect all banners within the banner set that is using this image asset. Replacing a shared image will affect all banners within the brand that are using this image asset. But don't worry, you will get a warning before performing this action. 

👉 Please note: When you replace a shared image assets, other banner sets needs to be resaved for the change to apply. The banner set you are editing will be updated immediately.

1. Hover your mouse over the media asset in the library and then click on the wrench icon that appears alternatively right click on the media asset and click Edit.

2. You will now see the image settings, simply click on Replace and browse to your new image or just drag and drop the file on to the green area.  

☝️ Tips: You will get the best result if you always replaces the image with an image with the same dimensions. 

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