Below is a list of hotkeys and additional smart functions that may make your work flow more efficient.

Keyboard shortcuts ⌨️

  • Ctrl+S or Cmd+S: Save 
  • Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z: Undo
  • Ctrl+C or Cmd+C: Copy
  • Ctrl+V or Cmd+V: Paste
  • Ctrl+Shift+V or Cmd+Shift+V: Paste in place
  • Ctrl+A or Cmd+A: Select all - Selects all elements on canvas
  • Ctrl+D or Cmd+D: Deselect all
  • Ctrl+Enter or Cmd+Enter: Starts the banner preview
  • Delete(DEL) or Backspace: Delete selected element(s) 

Smart functions 🖱

  • Left-click: Selects the element under the mouse cursor or deselects the element(s) select when clicking on the canvas.
  • Right-click: Opens up the contextual menu, works both on the canvas as well as on elements in the media library.
  • Double-click: Fit element to stage or edit text.
  • Lock: Lock element and make it uneditable.
  • Double-click on asset in the library: Places and aligns the asset to the center on the banner canvas.
  • Double-click on layer in the timeline: Stretches the layer's duration to the banner's entire duration.
  • Shift + Click and drag: The dragged element will only move in straight directions from it's start position.
  • Shift + Click (elements on canvas): Allows to select multiple elements on the canvas.
  • Shift + Click (assets in media library): Allows to select multiple assets in the media library. You can now delete all selected assets at once if you press the delete key. Or you can drag all assets to the canvas at once.
  • Click and drag on stage: Makes an area selection and selects the elements.
  • Right-click on assets: Opens up a contextual menu for the assets. 
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