In order to ensure the best possible performance on consumers web browsers and devices, your video has to be .mp4 and the recommended maximum weight is 2 MB, but the smaller the better. There are several tools for optimising video. 

Convert video to mp4:

For single videos, you can convert using the following websites to optimise your videos:

  • Convert to .mp4
  • Trim your video so that you are only using as much as necessary. A video that is longer than you need for your ad will quickly make it heavier than necessary.
  • Compress to a smaller resolution. For a banner that is 300x250, your video does not need to be bigger than 360p - (480x360)

Compress to a small file size:

For single videos, you can compress using the following websites to optimise your videos:

  • Compress video to a smaller resolution and file size
  • Compress with “high quality”
  • Remove audio from your video file

For multiple videos, however, you will save time by downloading the following video compression tool which compresses and converts video files in bulk. Compressing the video to reduce the file size is recommended to do using and by using this Compression profile

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