All elements can be animated by adding transitions to them that will be run at the start and end point of an elements duration.

There are several predefined transitions that you can use right away. Transitions can be modified as well as created from scratch. More about that further down in this article. 

How to add a transition to an element

  1. Click on the start or the end of the layer to bring up the transition menu.

2. Click on the transition effect to select it. Click outside to close. 

3. The element you applied the transition to will now use the in or out transition that you selected.

4. The transition duration can be adjusted, both at the start and at the end. It's duration is by default 0.5 seconds. Just drag the frame to change the duration! 

5. Click preview to see the animation in action! 👀

Modify an animation

This feature should be used if you want to tweak one of the pre set animations just a bit for this specific object or banner only.

1. Select any animation. Recommended is of course to use the animation that is most similar to what you want to accomplish. 

2. Click modify! 

3. Start adjusting the settings. You can change the position, opacity, rotation on different angles and scaling. You can always preview your animation by clicking the in and out buttons. Click done when you are happy with how it looks. 

👉Please note: This animation is only saved for the object that you selected. It is not saved in the pre set. 

Edit, create new or delete a pre set animation

Apart from the modify feature, this should be used if you want to save the animation on your account so you can reuse them in other banners and banner set as well.

Start by clicking on Manage presets...

Add a new preset

Click New transition if you want to start from scratch and create your own animation. This is recommended so that you don't change any of the pre sets by mistake. After you have clicked New transition, it will be added to the list. Then it's time to add a name for it and add the settings that you want. You can always preview the result by clicking the in and out buttons. When you are happy with it, click Save preset. Now your new pre set will appear among the other pre sets when click the in transition or out transition on an object on the timeline. 

Delete a preset 

Simply mark the animation in the list to the left that you want to delete and then click the red trash can down to the right. Done! 

Modify a preset

To modify a preset, mark it in the list to the left, then update the settings and click save. 

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