The timeline is where you set the duration of the whole banner animation, order banner's elements and change the length of each element as well as applying animations (transitions and pulsate effects). 

If you want an element to fill the whole timeline you can double click on it. 

Moving elements is done by clicking and dragging each element-layer in the timeline. It's also possible to multi select elements and move them at the same time in the time line. 

The time line also works as layers. This means that the topmost layer is the element that will be displayed above all other elements in the banner, the one layer on the bottom will be displayed below all other elements.

Naming the layers on the timeline

It's possible to name the layers on the timeline, this will help you keep track of all the layers while designing your banners. 

To name a layer, mark that layer either on the timeline or on the canvas and then time in the name in the input field in the style panel. 

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