To access Analytics, simply select the analytics module from any point in the Bannerflow platform. 

Once in the analytics section you have the ability to filter your data, select different date ranges as well as review each card and their content.

The object picker allows you to view the data only for a specific "object", which means for a specific banner set, schedule or campaigns. Depending on what features you use of course. 

The filter allows you to review data based on huge variety of different values, ranging from banner sizes to location of impressions and operative systems.

The date picker lets you select the scope of your data. By selecting data from 7 days or less you're able to see data broken down in hours and day's, for 8+ days you're able to see data in days and weeks.

The cards contains information regarding different topics. By selecting a card you're able to dig deeper into that specific topic, whether it's Locations, Devices, Domains, Banner Sets or Schedules.

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