This format consists of one banner that is rendered on the website as per usual and when interacted with (hover or click) an interstitial banner is expanded over the entire page.


Use this Advanced Format with a banner that leads the user into wanting further information but does not wish to navigate away from their current website.


To create your banner simply select your desired sizes from the banners you have created in your banner set. You will need your first initial size that fits within your placeholder, and a secondary which will expand and takeover the screen. If you have not created a banner within your banner set, you will have the option to create one. Click save and you’re done!


The name of the format that will be visible in your list of banner sets.
Popover Trigger
The trigger that can be activated by a hover or a click.
Hover Delay
A grace period can be added to allow the user to avoid activating the banner if the banner has not been activated by a play button over more than the designated time.

Play Button

Adjust the size of the play button that is placed on top of your banner
Specify the color and the opacity level you wish to have on the play button
Background Color
Specify the color and the opacity level you wish to have on the border around the play button.
Border thickness
Create a border around the play button. This is measured in pixel width.
Specify the position of where you wish the play button to be placed. You may choose from:

  • Center
  • Top Left
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
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